Month: February 2017

Tips for Writers—Why I Outline

This week’s blog post is on the short side, but it’s critical advice for writers. If there’s one habit you can adopt to help you write more quickly, craft a more satisfying story, and finish what you start, it’s this:

Do You Want Romance In Your Thrillers?

Love is a big deal. The romance genre is the largest and most widely-read genre of books. Just about every book, movie, and TV show touches on the subject of love in some manner. We have a whole holiday devoted

More Time to Read

Want to hear a depressing thought? You won’t be able to read all of the books you’d like to within your lifetime. Neither will I. It’s simple math—there just isn’t enough time. There are millions of books out there that

Tips for Writers—Do Readers Like Your Hero?

I’m sure some of you are writers, and even if you are not, I’ve found that many readers enjoy a glimpse of the processes writers use to create their books. That’s my excuse, anyway, for this series of blog posts