A Look Back at Six Months of Weekly Blogging

The writing business requires experimentation. In my books, I try new things so that I’m always learning, always stretching as a writer, and hopefully making each book better than the last. At the same time, I’m also experimenting with marketing—looking for the best ways to connect with readers and get the word out about my work.

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to post to this blog on a weekly basis. (You can read the original post here.) I knew doing so would not be easy. However, I had a bunch of good ideas for things to write about, and I thought an active blog might help entertain readers between book releases.

Well, it’s been six months. I’ve had a lot of fun writing posts for this blog. Here are some of my favorite posts:

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What makes a good plot twist?

Interview with audiobook narrator Xe Sands

That said, maintaining a weekly schedule has taken a lot of time and energy, and I think it makes sense to shift some of that time and energy back to the book-writing part of the business. Starting in July, I’ll be scaling back my blog posts to approximately one per month.

If you’re a fan of the blog, don’t worry—more blog content is coming. But this change will also enable me to deliver more novels more frequently, which I believe is the real reason you’re here!

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below or email me directly. Thank you for reading!