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Grave Testimony (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller Prequel)

Grave Testimony

Grave Testimony (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller Prequel)

Can an up-and-coming prosecutor convict a killer for a murder that happened fourteen years ago?

When a drug dealer reaches out to assistant district attorney Jessica Black with information about a case that has gone unsolved for over a decade—the brutal murder of a little boy—Jessie sees an opportunity to bring long-delayed justice to the murdered child’s family. But convicting the boy’s killer won’t be easy. Much of the evidence is old or lost, the detective who originally investigated the crime seems to have secrets of his own, and someone is willing to kill to ensure that what happened fourteen years ago remains an unsolved mystery forever.

Jessie’s not the type to give up easily, though. Especially when she’s seeking justice for a child and his family.

Grave Testimony is a short legal thriller that takes place prior to the events of Burnout, the first book in the Jessie Black series. At 35,000 words (approximately 150 pages), Grave Testimony is lightning-paced while still delivering all the great characters, unpredictable twists, and intelligent courtroom action you love from Larry A. Winters.

If you’re a newcomer to the series, Grave Testimony is a powerful introduction to Jessie and her world. If you’re already a fan, you’re going to love this exciting look at a period before the other books.

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Fatal Defense (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller, Book 4)

Fatal Defense cover

Fatal Defense (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

After years prosecuting murderers, assistant district attorney Jessica Black doesn’t think there’s anything that can truly disturb her. She’s wrong.

When a distraught teenage girl shows up out of nowhere, demanding to talk, Jessie thinks the girl looks familiar but can’t quite place her. She claims her father was murdered and the police are letting the killer get away with it. Jessie feels for the girl, but investigating murders is the role of the police department. Jessie is an assistant DA.

Then she realizes why Carrie looks familiar, and what homicide she’s talking about.

Reluctantly drawn into a politically explosive case the police and the DA’s office don’t want her to touch, Jessie finds herself face-to-face with terrifying questions of law and morality in an upside-down world where the line between victim and killer is dangerously blurred. But like Carrie, she won’t stop searching for the truth, even if it means risking her career, her values, and her life.

Jessie Black returns in the acclaimed legal thriller series readers are calling “fast paced and totally spellbinding.” Fatal Defense is the fourth book in the Jessie Black Legal Thrillers series. If you like great characters and surprises that keep you guessing until the end, you’ll love the novels of Larry A. Winters.

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Deadly Evidence (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller, Book 3)

Deadly Evidence (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

Deadly Evidence (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

A school shooting. A city in mourning. A prosecutor out for justice.

When a massacre at an elite private high school leaves seventeen dead and a city reeling with horror, Philadelphia assistant district attorney Jessica Black will stop at nothing to find justice for the victims. But doing so will require facing an adversary even more terrifying than the teenage shooter.

The Internet can be as deadly as a gun.

Lurking in secrecy is an evil voice known only as True_Man. True_Man haunts the Internet, befriending the lonely and the frustrated, turning adolescent emotions toward destruction. Jessie believes True_Man is just as guilty of murder as the teenager he manipulated, but proving it—and bringing True_Man to justice—will take all of Jessie’s formidable legal skills and more.

Deadly Evidence is the third book in the Jessie Black Legal Thrillers series. If you enjoy suspense inside and outside the courtroom, compelling characters, and unpredictable twists and turns, you’ll love the novels of Larry A. Winters.

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Web of Lies

Web of Lies

Web of Lies

Losing the trial is just the beginning…

When criminal defense attorney Dylan Wood returns from a defeat in the courtroom, he thinks the worst is over. His client will go to prison, and Dylan will move on. But he learns the hard way that not every client is willing to accept the judgment of his peers. Suddenly Dylan has twenty-four hours to overturn the guilty verdict. If he fails, a ruthless, sexy woman who gives new meaning to the term femme fatale will go public with the dark secret of Dylan’s own past, destroying his life and those of everyone he loves.

This time Dylan is defending himself, and he’ll do whatever it takes to survive—even if it means breaking the laws he’s sworn to uphold.

Web of Lies is a standalone thriller, set in the same Philadelphia legal world as the Jessie Black Legal Thriller series. (Although prosecutor Jessie Black appears in the story, she is not the main character.) If you like gritty crime stories, vividly-drawn characters, and surprising twists and turns, you’ll love Larry A. Winters’s page-turning story of justice gone crazy.

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Informant (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller, Book 2)

Informant (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

Informant (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

Prosecutor Jessie Black has an airtight case against Tyrone Nash, a gang thug who shot a man in the head behind a bar in West Philly. But what should be an easy trial turns complicated when Nash somehow intimidates her eyewitness, and he recants his testimony on the eve of the trial. Now Jessie’s only move to stop the killer from walking is to call a witness she had hoped to avoid—Reggie Tuck, a smooth-talking jailhouse snitch who claims Nash confessed to him during a short time they shared a cell.

Worse, there are other people with an interest in the trial—people intent on silencing Reggie’s big mouth, permanently. Soon Jessie and Reggie find themselves trapped in a courthouse under siege, and she must find a way to keep both Reggie and herself alive long enough to learn who they are, and how to stop them. But is Reggie Tuck’s life worth protecting at the risk of her own?

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Burnout (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller, Book 1)

Burnout (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

Burnout (A Jessie Black Legal Thriller)

One man’s breakdown could set a killer free…

Jessie Black’s successful prosecution of a serial murderer and rapist put her on the path to stardom at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. Public defender Jack Ackerman represented the opposition, and his spectacular public breakdown after the trial put him in a mental institution and gave Frank Ramsey a second chance at freedom.

When Ramsey petitions the court for a new trial with a claim that Ackerman was ineffective, Black must step up to defend him. To keep a convicted killer off the streets, she’ll need to prove Ackerman’s sanity–a fact she’s far from sure of. As she prepares for trial, powerful forces conspire to put Ramsey back on the streets.

Black has one chance to keep Ramsey behind bars, and it’ll be the toughest fight of her career.

Burnout is the first book in a series of legal thrillers featuring brilliant prosecutor Jessie Black. If you like intelligent legal thrillers, compelling lead characters, and unpredictable twists and turns, you’ll love Larry A. Winters’s potboiler.

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HARDCORE by Larry A. Winters


HARDCOREA shocking mystery that explores the dark side of the multibillion-dollar porn industry.

Ashley Hale was a rising star in the adult entertainment world before she abruptly moved to the other side of the country, leaving behind money, fame, and excitement for a nine-to-five bank job and a sensible apartment. But there was one tie to the industry she could not sever. Her sister, Tara, was also a porn star. Two years later, when Tara supposedly commits suicide, Ashley must return to the San Fernando Valley and the life she thought she’d left behind. Now she’s not sure who she can trust—especially the handsome new video editor who seems intent on helping her. But she won’t leave Los Angeles until she’s proven Tara’s death was a murder. And until she’s faced the killer.

Critics love Hardcore, describing it as “a sexy, exciting mystery that’s definitely worth a read” (kacunnin, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer), “a darn good well-written mystery” (Cheryl Stout, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer), and a book with “everything that a reader could want – shady characters, murder, lies, sex and even some romance!” (L. Storey, StoreyBook Reviews).

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